Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) - These documents allow you to appoint people that you trust to make decisions for you if have lost your mental capacity through illness or an accident. Without this in place families can face enormous difficulties in handling your affairs at a difficult time. An LPA can be used to delegate decisions relating to personal welfare, including health care and medical treatment decisions, as well as decisions about financial matters.

The financial LPA can also be used if you are incapacitated, allowing a trusted person, chosen by you, to take out money for shopping, transport etc when you are unable to do it yourself.

Living Wills

        (also known as an Advance Medical Directives)

A Living Will provides the opportunity to document your wishes with respect to end of life medical treatment in a form that is accepted by both the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing.

A Living Will allows you to decide in advance of a debilitating illness or injury what is acceptable in the way of medical treatment or life support procedures, and comes into effect when you are mentally impaired, such as with a coma, and unable to communicate with medical professionals as to the acceptability of certain medical treatments.

It may be advisable to seek advice from your General Practitioner or another medical professional.