Wills & Storage

Basic Wills

A basic Will is essential for ensuring your estate is distributed as you wish and for making the process as straightforward as possible.

Your Will enables you to nominate Executors to manage your Will, Guardians if you leave young children and Trustees if you use trusts to manage your estate.  As such it is the foundation of your estate planning.

Note that your Will does not provide any protection against Inheritance Tax or anyone making a claim against your assets.

Secure Storage

Writing your Will is  the first step.

Only your original Will correctly signed and witnessed is legally valid. A copy, whilst useful, is not deemed legal for the distribution of your estate. It is a surprising statistic that one in three Wills are never found, and if your Will cannot be found decisions will be made by the Courts under the Rules of Intestacy.

Periodic reviews of your Will are necessary to take into account any changes to your circumstances, not only to the estate and possibly the beneficiaries but also to ensure your Will is still valid.  For example if you marry after making a Will, unless you have made specific provision for this, your Will automatically becomes invalid.

Consequently . . . 

  • Your beneficiaries may suffer, and your estate may not be distributed as you planned.

  • Your family may argue over the distribution of heirlooms.

  • An out-dated Will may be used, with undesirable consequences.

Your Will needs to be kept safe and protected. I can provide a secure storage option which ensures the safety of your Will and any other document of importance you may wish to keep with it.